Private Equity Interview Seminar

Private Equity Interview Seminar: get an internship or a job offer in PE

AlumnEye offers a unique training program for futur graduates looking for internships or jobs in the most prestigious Private Equity funds. Because the interviews in Private Equity require technical and practical knowledge, the AlumnEye Private Equity seminars couple technical trainings and professional speakers from the PE business. The AlumnEye team of speakers give students looking for internships in Private Equity funds the key to handling their interviews with success. Through the PE interview Seminar, you’ll have access to a recruiting expertise in investment funds and you’ll gather precious advice from professionals currently in PE, which will make you the ideal candidate for interviewers.

« Why should I participate in the AlumnEye seminar in Private Equity? »

The interviews in PE are extremely selective. This difficulty is explained by the fact that the interviews are very complicated and the Private Equity sector is very attractive nowadays. To this difficulty, one can add the fact that there are fundamental differences between interviews in London and interviews in Paris : different importance given to technical questions and competency-based questions, different recruitment process, different candidate profile wanted, etc. Preparation is essential, be it for numerical online tests, technical questions, application forms, or even Assessment Centers : it would be unthinkable to come unprepared. If a good University or good previous work experience can enable you to pass the resume screening phase, they aren’t enough to get you an offer. More than just a simple revision of the fundamentals of corporate finance and technical knowledge on Investment Banking, our speakers from the most prestigious banks bring our participants the specific tools to successfully answer the typical trick questions for interviews in PE.

« Is the seminar made for me? »

Regardless of the participant’s background, the PE Seminar enables you to be ready on the day of your interview. All of the concepts are studied during the seminar, and students with an existing financial background only have a slight advantage on the others, seeing as the technical questions asked during interviews are fundamentally different than those seen during finance courses. Thus, a participant who thinks he has a strong financial baggage will discover a large amount of technical questions that haven’t been analyzed in class. You don’t know what an LBO is, or a Leveraged Recap ? Don’t panic, whether you are a business school student or an engineer student, the seminar will give you all of the necessary tools to ensure your success in your interviews.

« I haven’t taken any Finance courses at school. Can I still do an internship in Private Equity ? »

Absolutely. Contrary to common belief, a lot of candidates get an offer in Private Equity without any financial background. A solid individual preparation is essential. This preparation is actually the same for candidates having taken advanced finance courses, because technical questions asked during interviews are very different from the theoretical content delivered at school.

« I haven’t done any M&A internship beforehand. Can I still do an internship in Private Equity ? »

For internships during your gap year, it is absolutely possible to get an internship offer in Private Equity without having a previous experience in M&A, even if it is true that profiles with a first experience in M&A are preferred. However, it is exceptional to see candidates get a job offer just as they graduate (with the exception of a few very particular profiles).

« Do engineers also have a shot at Private Equity? »

Yes. Actually, we have observed a renewed interest for jobs in finance by engineering students. Indeed, engineering students are very appreciated in these jobs. Banks and financial institutions increasingly diversify the academic profiles during their recruitment. This seminar will teach you what a bank or private equity fund looks for in a profile like yours, and what is the best way to set yourself apart from other candidates during your interviews.

« And what if I don’t have any previous experiences in finance? »

Corporate Finance recruitment does not require a previous experience in finance. A lot of the members of the AlumnEye Network started their career path by a Corporate Finance internship.  However, it is absolutely essential to prepare your interview through an intense and meticulous training. For example, understanding the different jobs of Corporate Finance as well as the specific work environment in each bank where you’ll be interviewed is fundamental. The AlumnEye trainers and speakers will teach you how to present your non-financial experiences in the best possible way, be they associations, humanitarian, or even sports activities.


The AlumnEye offer:

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Classic Offer

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  • AlumnEye Seminar
  • Regular follow-up by phone
  • Access to the AlumnEye Private online Forum
  • Access to the AlumnEye Afterworks


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Premium Offer

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  • AlumnEye seminar
  • Regular follow-up by phone
  • Resume Correction
  • Interview Simulations 
  • Acces to the AlumnEye Private online Forum
  • Access to the AlumnEye Afterworks