M&A Premium Offer

The M&A Seminar

The seminar’s main goal is to help you thrive during your M&A interviews. The different themes developed during the M&A seminar are:

  • When, how and where to apply? 
  • How to get M&A interviews? 
  • How to get a Spring, Summer, and Graduate offer?
  • Preparation for the technical questions that are inevitable (Valorization, DCF, Accretion/Dilution, LBO, links between Financial Statements, Bridge, etc. )
  • Global analysis of the current financial news that may be asked during interviews
  • Preparation to the motivation questions corresponding to your profile 
  • The different jobs within Corporate Finance, and their interactions within banks
  • The specificities of each bank

The AlumnEye Private Forum

You’re stuck on a technical question? You’re a few days away from the interview in the bank of your dreams and you’d like to have some feedback? You want to know the opening dates for the online application process? The AlumnEye Private Forum will answer all of these questions. It is a private forum exclusively reserved for members of the AlumnEye network and it brings you discussions concerning your interviews, the online applications, questions about the current financial news, etc. The AlumnEye forum consists in an interactive interface which will help you communicate with other students from other schools as well as with the speakers from our seminars.

Resume Correction

The recruitment processes have very high standards. The number of applicants reaches thousands. Dealing with this information has become a challenge: banks have set up their own automatic selection system for applications. The resume is the key to this selection, it is the only weapon that the candidates dispose of before getting an interview. More than 75% of candidates are never called back after their online application. This step is the first selection process for banks, and the first selection criteria is the resume’s quality. It has to fit to the sector’s criteria: be perfectly formatted, without any errors be they on the alignment, spelling, language or typographical mistakes. You also need to respect resume standards for English-speaking countries, such as your use of the correct tense. Finally, certain criteria come directly from automatization, such as the use of keywords. Writing a good resume that passes online screenings is nothing intuitive. Which is why it is imperative to have someone proofread and correct your resumer before sending it to your online application. AlumnEye offers the possibility of having your resumes corrected by professionals who are in charge of recruiting in banks, and who know the keywords for screenings and all of the rules proper to this sector. Thanks to this exclusive resume correction tool, you can download a corrected version of your resume with precise explanation which will maximize your chances during your applications in your chosen financial institutions.

Interview simulations 

Are you prepared for your interviews? Do you know how to answer to the most unnerving questions? Technical tests, logic quizzes, case studies, calculations, brain teasers, market-sizing, practical cases, trick questions.. In an extremely competitive recruiting context, it is essential to be prepared to real-life conditions. Less than 25% of candidates are called-in by banks for an interview: first round, then final round. The competition is very high and only 1 candidate out of 8 get an offer. AlumnEye gives you the possibility to train with professionals of the most prestigious banks who know perfectly well how interviews go: technical questions, fit questions, case studies, as well as all of the rules you need to follow and the key points to success depending on the interviews you’ll be having (English or French banks). It consists of half a day of individual training  reserved for 5 participants only, during which each candidate will have to go through mock interviews with one of our trainers. These interviews were based on real questions asked during M&A interviews. Each interview will then be commented and debated by the speaker and the other students in order to analyze the good and bad sides of each interview, from a technical, fit and financial news point of view. This real-life situation helps students put to the test all of the knowledge they have acquired during the AlumnEye M&A seminar: competency-based questions, technical questions, brain teasers and financial news questions. It also enables students to get into real-life situations and try to manage their time, their stress, and learn how to react to unnerving questions from interviewers.

The regular follow-up by phone 

Enjoy a professional follow-up which lasts throughout your recruitment process. This follow-up consists of:

  • Phone conversations before your interviews
  • Last minute advice to boost your confidence
  • Information about the bank and the teams that will interview you
  • Getting you in touch with members of the AlumnEye network who have already gone through the same process

The AlumnEye Afterworks 

AlumnEye organizes Afterwork gatherings which assemble members of the AlumnEye network: professionals from the Finance or Consulting world, participants or speakers from our seminars. The goal is to help members of the Network to exchange information, give good advice to students and especially to give you the opportunity to network in order to optimize your chances of getting an offer. These Afterworks take place in Paris and in London in an informal setting. They are exclusively reserved for members of the AlumnEye Network.


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