Strategy Consulting Classic Offer

The AlumnEye Strategy Consulting Seminar

The AlumnEye Strategy Consulting Seminar’s program is structured in one complete day of training, delivered by consultants in the most prestigious strategy consulting firms:

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- A detailed lecture

  • the classic analysis frameworks
  • the essential calculations: CAGR, NPV, IRR, etc.

- 3 “MBB type” Business Cases

  • Cost analysis
  • Revenu analysis
  • Strategic analysis

- Fit and personality questions

  • Classic HR questions: Why Strategy Consulting? Why us? Why should we pick you?
  • Doing a presentation slide during your interview

- Calculations

  • Brain teasers
  • Guesstimate & Market Sizing: bottom-up and top-down analysis
  • Mental calculations


The AlumnEye Private Forum

You’re stuck on a technical question? You’re a few days away from the interview in the consulting firm of your dreams and you’d like to have some feedback? You want to know the opening dates for the online application process? The AlumnEye Private Forum will answer all of these questions. It is a private forum exclusively reserved for members of the AlumnEye network and it brings you discussions concerning your interviews, the online applications, questions about the current  news, etc. The AlumnEye forum consists in an interactive interface which will help you communicate with other students from other schools as well as with the speakers from our seminars.

The regular follow-up by phone 

Enjoy a professional follow-up which lasts throughout your recruitment process. This follow-up consists of:

  • Phone conversations before your interviews
  • Last minute advice to boost your confidence
  • Information about the consulting firms and the teams that will interview you
  • Getting you in touch with members of the AlumnEye network who have already gone through the same process

The AlumnEye Afterworks 

AlumnEye organizes Afterwork gatherings which assemble members of the AlumnEye network: professionals from the Finance or Consulting world, participants or speakers from our seminars. The goal is to help members of the Network to exchange information, give good advice to students and especially to give you the opportunity to network in order to optimize your chances of getting an offer. These Afterworks take place in Paris and in London in an informal setting. They are exclusively reserved for members of the AlumnEye Network.


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