Interview Preparation

What is an AlumnEye seminar?

The AlumnEye interview preparation seminars were build around one unique goal: get an internship or a job offer. Interviews in Finance or Strategy Consulting follow extremely complex logic. Standardized exercises given to candidates are far from the academic content received in schools. That is why the AlumnEye methodology is unique: it relies in the reality of interviews. Fundamentally different from a finance course, or simple revisions on classic manuals such as the Vernimmen for Corporate Finance, the Hull for Market Finance or the Case in Point for Strategy Consulting.  
The AlumnEye seminar is based on questions that are asked during interviews. Be they case interviews in Strategy Consulting or technical questions in finance, online tests, current issues or behavioral questions, AlumnEye gives you the key to success.

The program for the AlumnEye seminar is the following:

  • Optimal Application strategies: when and where to apply to get an offer?
  • All of the recruitment specificities for each recruiter 
  • All of the advice coming straight from professionals in charge of recruiting
  • All of the HR interview questions 
  • All of the technical interview questions
  • All of the trick questions (mental calculations, market-sizing, brain teasers, etc.)
  • All of the online tests (numerical tests, business tests online, etc.)
  • Open question-answer sequence with professionals from the AlumnEye network
The AlumnEye pedagogy is extremely efficient. More than 90% of our seminar participants have gotten an offer in the 3 months following their seminar. This success rate is explained by the fact that AlumnEye is more than just a training structure, it is a network of mentors from the most prestigious institutions, from all around the world. To join the AlumnEye Network is to have access to an address book unprecedented, to help you prepare your interviews in finance or Strategy Consulting.

The seminars offered by AlumnEye are:

[button text= »Interviews in M&A and Corporate Finance » title= »M&A and Corporate Finance » url= » » align= »left »]
[button text= »Interviews in Private Equity » title= »Private Equity » url= » » align= »left »]
[button text= »Interviews in Market Finance » title= »Market Finance » url= » » align= »left »]
[button text= »Interviews in Strategy Consulting » title= »Strategy Consulting » url= » » align= »left »]