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The AlumnEye Network was born from one simple observation : there is no resource specifically dedicated to interview performance. 

AlumnEye is a structure designed to help prepare for interviews in Investment Banking, Market Finance and Strategy Consulting.

Today, there is no structure which can bring you both a complete training brought to you by professionals of the banking world coupled with exhaustive technical guides on the questions that are asked during interviews. AlumnEye meets these needs thanks to innovative training programs.

Preparing for interviews in finance seems complex? You don’t know who you should contact to help you during your preparation? How do you prepare numerical tests online? During your first finance interview, you realized that the level of requirements is extremely high? AlumnEye was created for you, in order to give you all of the tools necessary to ensure your success in your interviews. The follow-up is personalized and adapted to your competencies, whatever your previous experiences may be.  


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A young graduate or a student who sees an internship or a job offer which matches his professional ambitions, is left alone to face the recruitment process. No interlocutor is specialized enough to accompany them, not in the school staff nor in their immediate entourage. From the earliest stages of getting the information needed to apply, to the actual interview, the process is complex and badly documented. AlumnEye is designed to give this student a plan of action, coupled with a follow-up, step by step, from his CV to the preparation of technical questions, and through the online applications.


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Having witnessed the growing difficulty in the recruitment process for Investment Banking, Market Finance and Strategy Consulting, Michael Ohana, ESSEC Business School alumni, decided to set-up a structure that would act as a stepping stone to guide the candidates. AlumnEye is a network of professionals that are here to help candidates who wish to build a career fit for their ambitions. Thanks to an exhaustive preparation taught by extremely efficient professionals who come from the most prestigious institutions, AlumnEye has a success rate of 9 candidates out of 10 who get offers in the 3 months following the seminar.  This Network is build around values such as excellence, efficiency and solidarity, and is founded from a team of trainers coming from the most prestigious banks and consulting firms : Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, BCG, McKinsey, Roland Berger etc. (find out more about the AlumnEye team). AlumnEye is the key reference in the interview preparation process. 


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The AlumnEye seminar goes further than just technical expertise, and covers every aspect of the recruitment process, as well as HR questions that automatically arise during interviews. Joining the AlumnEye Network also means meeting professionals from these industries who are available to answer all of those questions a candidate has which remain unanswered. What are the working hours? What is the schedule? What is the work environment, in concrete terms?


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Aware of  AlumnEye’s expertise, the most prestigious top schools have entrusted us with the training of their own students. Indeed, ESSEC Business School has hired AlumnEye to prepare their Advanced Masters in Financial Techniques, ranked n°2 worldwide by the Financial Times. AlumnEye also trains students from EDHEC Business School as well as the Dauphine Masters in Finance.  

AlumnEye gives you the means to build up a career fit for your ambitions thanks to a network of young professionals meeting up during conferences, afterworks and seminars (find out more about the AlumnEye Network).


AlumnEye means 90% of participants getting offers in the 3 months following their preparation. Discover their testimonials et join the network.