« The AlumnEye training program has enabled me to prepare in the best possible way for the Summer Internships at Goldman Sachs. These interviews are different from the classic interviews I had already had previously, which is why an adapted program was so important. During the AlumnEye seminar, I was made aware of the key technical points I needed to master, the financial current news I needed to be aware of, but also all of the personal fit part, which is fundamental if you want to get in an Anglo-Saxon bank. The advice from the AlumnEye speakers are precious because they know perfectly well these selective recruiting interviews. I thus had a good understanding of all of the subjects I needed to cover and study in depth to succeed. I was able to get the Summer Internship in Securities at Goldman Sachs. »
Nahema –


« What are the standard requirements of Investment Banks concerning a resume? What are the technical questions and fit questions asked? At what moment should I apply and how can I organize my applications for Investment Banking? AlumnEye is an efficient stepping stone which answers scrupulously these questions with pragmatism. The seminar, the workbooks, the alumni testominials, are all concrete elements that helped me transform an application into an M&A internship – TMT at Lazard. Thank you! »
Mickael –


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« With my previous internship in Marketing, I had absolutely no financial background. AlumnEye prepared me to all of the essential technical questions for these interviews. I finally got an offer at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in Project Financing. Thank you very much. »
Maxime –

« The recruitment process in big banks is a real obstacle course. The AlumnEye training program concentrates all of the essential keys you need to know to make it till the end. After having gone through this program and having met a lot of speakers, I got a Summer Internship in Sales-Trading at Crédit Suisse. »
Raphael – 

« The seminar gave me an exhaustif guide line covering the whole process, from the way you need to apply which changes according to what you’re looking for, to what you need to know for your interviews. I thus got an offer for an M&A internship at Deutsche Bank. »
Jeremy – 


« As a student, it’s hard to measure the complexity of the recruitment process in Investment Banking. To know someone who has already gone through that is decisive, maybe even essential. Thanks to the advice from members of the AlumnEye Network, I got an offer for a Summer Internship in Investment Banking at Nomura followed by an off-cycle in Private Equity at Goldman Sachs where they finally offered me a job as a Private Equity Analyst. »
Sami –

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« I got an internship offer at the Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild. I wanted to thank you for the AlumnEye seminar. It helped me know what to expect, what technical questions I needed to work on, what HR questions I needed to prepare and the economic news I needed to follow. » 

Chloé –

Stanhope Capital AlumnEye
« Thanks to AlumnEye I acquired all of the technical knowledge needed for an M&A interview. The speakers, all very accessible, gave me the useful keys to get a Summer Internship or a Graduat. Thanks for helping me getting into M&A at Stanhope Capital in London »
Nathan –


JPMorgan AlumnEyeAfter my AlumnEye seminar, I was much better prepared for technical questions: indeed, despite intensive work I had been stuck on numerous questions that aren’t present in most finance manuals. With AlumnEye, I was able to identify the key points, relevant and recurring in interviews, and I thus could optimize my preparation techniques, complete it and give it a framework, guarantying efficiency. I could also benefit from an individual follow-up after the seminar, similar to an efficient coaching program which made me very dynamic and active in my internship research, giving me numerous keys for applying, keys which I would have never thought of by myself before. Finally, thanks to the AlumnEye seminar, I learned how to use my school’s network in order to get interviews that I previously had a hard time getting. More than the technical training, this is for me the essential point that enabled me to get into the Summer Internship program at J.P. Morgan in Asset Management.
Thibaut –

« ECM, DCM, M&A, PE, Leveraged Finance, it’s hard to make an informed choice when you don’t have any contacts in the industry. AlumnEye gave me access to a whole network of insiders who were able to answer all of my questions. So I signed with the Investment Banking division of Crédit Agricole knowing every detail, and I must say, my internship and I fit perfectly together!  »

Tiphaine –
Blackfin Capital Partners AlumnEye« Having no previous professional experience in finance, the AlumnEye seminar helped me get a better grasp of the complexity of interviews in Private Equity. AlumnEye prepared me for all of the technical and fit questions, and gave me precise methodological tools to set my past experiences a part from others, which is essential for a good interview. Thanks to the seminar, I became aware of the importance of keeping up to date with economic and financial news, and be informed of the current Private Equity market’s state. Knowledge about the news concerning the sector in which you apply is essential to do well during the fit part of the interview. Moreover, thanks to the AlumnEye Network, I was put in direct contact with an insider in the fund in which I was applying, who gave me precious advice for my interview. From the workbook to the preparation for the interview, as well as the testimonial from the insider, AlumnEye was an essential training program if you want to put all of the chances on your side. And here’s the proof: I got my off-cycle in Private Equity at Blackfin Capital Partners. Thanks a lot AlumnEye ! »
Tristan –


« Despite a considerable individual preparation, the essential informations to get an internship offer such as the best dates to apply were unknown to me. The AlumnEye seminar helped me master the entire recruitment process: today, I work for UBS. »

Laurent –

« The AlumnEye seminar has helped me go through all of the essential concepts for interviews and master all of the recruitment process thanks to the numerous tips from speakers, and so I got an M&A internship at Lazard. »

Ghida –


« AlumnEye offers not only a solid technical preparation but also a regular and friendly follow-up all along the application process. AlumnEye is also a strong network based on mutual assistance. I recommend it to everyone  who is willing to maximize their chances of getting into M&A internships. The simple act of signing up for the seminar has a strong psychological effect: it helps us realize the difficulty of the task as well as the huge workload to be done, and it puts us, unconsciously, in a serious and successful state of mind.« 
 Adrien –


« AlumnEye is not only a very good training program to acquire the key notions for your interview success, it is also and mostly a network that will help you meet analysts in every bank in which you will apply. Also, thanks to AlumnEye and their advice, I got an M&A internship at Rothschild, for which I am extremely grateful. »

Clément –


« At first I wanted to do the AlumnEye seminar to reassure myself on the technical questions that one can get during M&A interviews. I quickly realized that I really wasn’t ready! During this seminar, I had the opportunity to strenghten my knowledge, and to master a great technicality during my interview at CA-CIB in no time. This also helped me prepare for the fit part of the interview, a key element which I had clearly underestimated. I got an M&A internship at CA-CIB in the 3 days following my seminar. Thanks again! » 
Hakim –


« Despite having 2 previous internships in the field and numerous interviews, AlumnEye made me realize that I was insufficiently prepare for the recruitment process in banks, which is extremely demanding. A first interview with an AlumnEye professional helped me organize my application documents. Then, the seminar, held by professionals from the industry, helped me understand the key to interviews and how to face them with serenity, after having gone through all of the personal questions, news and technical questions. The AlumnEye seminar helped me get an off-cycle in Sales at HSBC and will be of great use for me in the future. »
 Maxime –


« If I am at the Crédit Agricole CIB in an off-cycle as an Assistant Sales Fixed Income today, it in great part thanks to AlumnEye. Starting off with a market finance baggage close to zero, the seminar has made me face reality and motivated me more than anything. All of the advice given to me on the recruitment process and the quality of the workbooks were of precious help in my researches and for my interviews. Thanks again! »
Mike –


« AlumnEye helped me understand what the interviewer’s expectations where during a recruitment interview in Market Finance. For technical questions or competency based questions, the tips given to me during the seminar became very precious to me, and ultimately helped me get an internship offer in London for Trading in exotic products at Crédit Agricole – CIB. »

Mathias –


DC Advisory AlumnEye« A small note just to thank AlumnEye, their seminar and their workbook: all of the essential information to arrive fit and ready at your interview is in it, and I’ve just gotten an offer for a 6-month internship in M&A at DC Advisory ! See you around, thanks very much. »

Matthieu –

«  The AlumnEye seminar is an extremely complete solution to get into Investment Banking and covers the whole process from the first resume being sent to the classic « Do you have any questions? » part which ends an interview. The testimonials from speakers, members of the AlumnEye network as well as the individual follow-up brought to us by the team after the seminar were particularly useful to me and helped me get an Off-cycle at Crédit Suisse in M&A.»
Guillaume –


AlumnEye témoignage Lazard« Going through M&A interviews is always a hard experience. The most important element is perhaps information, because as time is very limited, you absolutely need to be trained to know what to study, how not to get stuck in details or worse, forget to go through those essential questions that always come up during interviews. The AlumnEye seminar helps you drastically reduce this information asymmetry. Moreover, the pertinent advice on the fit part of the interview helped me become much more reactive and precise when answering, which was, I believe, a determining element in getting that internship offer they offered me. »
Yanis –


oddo« Even a first experience in Investment Banking wasn’t enough to set myself apart from other candidates during M&A interviews. AlumnEye not only enlightens you on the specificities of such interviews, but also prepares candidates to this challenge. The quality of the documents provided and the team’s availability have made AlumnEye the essential step for me to get my offer of M&A internship at ODDO & Cie. »
Julien –


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